How to Detox Your Skin and Body with Algae Bath

For over a century now, people in Northern Europe have gathered seaweed to be used as a health remedy. Together with salt, seaweed is used to detoxify the skin and promote a sense of well-being as well. Even spas today are using seaweed and other ingredients from the sea for skin and body products.

The Algae Bath

The Swedes have always practiced swimming in bodies of water teeming with algae because they strongly believe algae have several benefits on the skin as well as with health. There are many ways to incorporate seaweed to your bath. You can go to spas where you can experience algae baths and even other services that use sea therapy. These may include the use of seaweed extract for massaging the body or in lotions or even misting seawater into the body. You can also do algae baths at home, which area more inexpensive option. It can be as simple as adding four sheets of seaweed to your bathwater once every week and this can give you benefits, such as reducing cellulite.

Benefits of Bathing in Algae

Algae have always been beneficial with its numerous healthy components. Algae baths can offer the following benefits:

1. Soothing

Bathing in algae can calm our senses and even restore health as well as strength and an overall sense of well-being. This is why algae baths are considered a health remedy in many parts of Northern Europe.

2. Nurturing

Algae can help revitalize and care for the skin, just like the commercial products we are used to. Unlike these products though, algae are natural with no added chemicals.

3. Energy

Baths are excellent ways to energize our bodies. By adding algae into the water, this can be invigorating.

4. Balancing

Algae baths can help the body avoid hormonal imbalance as well as metabolic irregularities. When hormones and metabolism are chaotic, they can cause weight gain, among other problems.

5. Detoxifying

Over time, we accumulate these heavy metals, such as mercury, aluminum, and lead. If they are not removed, they can trigger serious health conditions, such as dementia, autism, infertility, thyroid problems, and heart disease. Just by bathing in water with algae can help eliminate heavy metals that are already in our bodies.

Algae bath has healing properties that can do wonders for both our skin and our health. What’s so unique about algae baths is that you don’t even have to rinse it off. Let it work its magic by allowing it to stay in contact with your skin for a longer period of time.