Delicious And Light – Iceberg Salad Recipe

I’m sitting with my friend and talking about what to eat, to be light and easier food … Ok we agreed that it would be a salad, an iceberg salad, it’s like how to make it colorful, versatile and ample enough to be a meal!

Finally We agreed, and the agreement was like this:

We made a sauce made up of:

150ml thick yogurt,

1½ cloves garlic (finely chopped),

4-5 tablespoons olive cold pressed,

juice of ½ lemon and

½ teaspoon oregano,

Mixing this ingredients together we get dressing for the salad.

Then we chop one big headed iceberg lettuce.

* Iceberg is a salad which is a type of green salad structured from leaves in a row like lettuce, called iceberg, because it keeps crispness much longer than the rest of the green salads and when it breaks, the sound it gave was reminiscent of cracking the iceberg, so Therefore they called it a iceberg salad.

The iceberg goes as a base and base of this salad, I add 3-4 cherry tomatoes cut into halves – with the sherry I will get the blessing of the salad, I add 2 young fresh roots (on the market) which I did not peel, but with a spoon I took out the seed. This is because the most useful in the cucumber is just under the shell, so it’s only good to wash it well. Get the seeds because they are hard to digest in the stomach. I cut the cucumbers in the crescent.

I chop down a strawberry young onion and a pepper (if you want to eat pungent you can put hot pepper – you would perfectly dress with the training of yogurt).

Then put these ingredients on the iceberg, I grind and peeled sunflower seeds and spit from the dressing, but I always leave a side to the side so that I can add when I need it.

Be careful of this salad why it has a fresh bow in it and in the next part of the day you will be King Vega!

Or if you are on vacation you can afford to bite yourself, that’s why you are on vacation! Plus this salad boosts immunity!