10 Sleeping Positions That Reveals A Lot About Your Love Life

We all love our sleep. But do you know the fact that your sleeping positions says a lot about your individuality? If you stay in a live-in relationship then you definitely share your bed with your partner. Both of you might sleep in the same position if you share your bed which you might not realize. It is said that each sleeping position has a different meaning, particularly if you share a deep emotional connection with the person you’re sleeping beside.

According to Pinoy Health and Remedies, here are some of the meanings behind the sleeping positions that couples adopt:

1. The Groper

  • Extremely clingy with one another, can’t stand to be physically apart for too long.

2. The Cradle

  • Both dependent on each other. Want to have a sense of security and protection in your relationship – or are very keen about it.

3. The Spoons

  • This position means when your partner protectively wraps their arms around the other. This position often indicates that the one wrapping his or her arms around the other might desire control and power in the relationship.

4. The Untangled

  • When both the partner sleep without touching each other, then it might mean that both of you are independent, comfortable, and secure in your relationship. It could also mean that you’re not a particularly touchy-feely couple.

5. The Back Kiss

  • Both of you treat each other as equals and are not clingy or extra dependent on each other. However, you still thrive to have a connection, such as when your backs touch. Thus, the “back kiss.”

6. The Pillow Talk

  • If you often repeat this position then it’s an indication you love to talk in a heart-to-heart manner and take care of each other before you sleep.

7. The Awkward

  • In the initial stage of relationship the new couple gives each other enough of space but still express their affection by touching hands to acknowledge their connection.

8. The Drunkards

  • Couple spending more time partying then sleeping. While sleeping they will be totally knocked down and when couples sleep face down, it is a sign of anxiety and hiding their emotions

9. The Insomniacs

  • Couples spending time scrolling their mobile phones instead of sleeping. This position is slightly distant, perhaps it’s a wise idea to ban phones during bedtime.

10. The Body Slam

  • One partner hogs the bed and overlaps the other’s need for space. This is clearly dangerous as the dominating partner tends to be selfish and should work on communication.