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Why You Should Stop Using Plastic Bottles Now

The adverse effects of plastic have become more and more obvious over the years. Even though one-use plastic bottles are highly convenient, using them doesn’t just ruin our planet, it can undermine our health as well.

The fight against plastic is gaining momentum in the 21st century. However, the majority of the earth population sticks with the convenience factor. After all, plastic bottles are durable yet light. Unlike glass bottles, they can easily be carried around in small bags without the risk of breaking.

Unfortunately, sometimes, we need to sacrifice something in order to give the next generation a better chance at a healthy life. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why you should stop using plastic bottles now.

1. Plastic Bottles May Pose a Health Problem

Plastic bottles don’t just ruin our planet, they can damage our health as well. Even though the majority of companies use BPA-free bottles, the plastic can still pose a problem. When plastic bottles are exposed to heat, some chemicals may seep into the water or anything else you keep in them.

Some of these chemicals can disrupt your endocrine system. The outcomes of consuming chemicals from plastic bottles are not all documented. But how smart is it to risk your life to find out?

2. Plastic Bottle Caps Damage Marine Life

Even if you are a smart citizen, who sends the used plastic bottles to be recycled, you may still be damaging the planet. It may come as a surprise, but the plastic bottle tops aren’t being recycled. So even if your bottle ends up in the recycling bin, the caps fly right into the regular trash. Dense and heavy bottle tops make their way to the bottom of the garbage bag.

As a result, the caps go into the streams, rivers, lakes, and finally oceans. Many marine animals mistake the caps for food and swallow them. Many whales have died after swallowing too much plastic garbage including bottle tops.

3. Petroleum Is Used To Make Plastic Bottles

PET is a petroleum product used to make plastic bottles. PET uses up large amounts of fossil fuels. To understand how much fuel is needed to make the bottle you are holding; fill a quarter of it with water. That’s how much oil was used up to give you the bottle, which you’ll throw out in about five minutes.

4. Not All Plastic Is Recycled Properly

Even if your community is offering you special bins for plastic bottles, it doesn’t mean the bottles go where they should. Many communities end up sending part of the plastic debris to the regular dump sites.

Even though it sounds awful, such practice is common all over the world. Accordingly, your struggle to leave a smaller carbon footprint may be in vain. The easiest way to avoid it is not to buy plastic bottles altogether.

5. It’s Easy To Stop Using Plastic Bottles

Helping the planet is much easier than you think. All you have to do is buy a special durable and reusable plastic bottle for your needs. Ideally, you should choose a stainless steel bottle, which has the same excellent properties.  

Reusable bottles can last for years thus reducing the carbon footprint greatly. These bottles have become a great accessory for many athletes. They are easy to clean and carry around. Experts from report that high-quality bottles can handle many drinks, such as iced tea or smoothies. So why not make the switch?


Disposable water bottles are dangerous for human health and environment alike. The time has come to save yourself and the planet.


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