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What You Need to Know Before You Start Playing Golf

The earliest mentions of golf date back to the mid-13th century. Can you imagine how many people have tried playing it since then? If the time has come for you to join them, there are a few things to learn.

The modern-day golf playing is much more comfortable and enjoyable than it was centuries ago. However, it also requires numerous preparations. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

1. Wear The Right Attire

Even if you are not heading to the most expensive and posh golf course in your area, you need to dress properly. A game of golf often involves being out in the sunshine so you have to make sure your head is covered. The hat or cap should have a visor, which keeps the sun out of your eyes, helping you aim.

Golf games are usually long and involve plenty of walking. If you have uncomfortable shoes, it can turn into torture. Many companies specialize in creating comfortable golf shoes designed specifically for long hours of walking up and down the hill. You can either visit a brick-and-mortar store or order golf shoes online.

The rest of your attire should be loose fitting and comfortable. Be careful! Some golf courses require a certain dress code. Make sure to research the matter before going.

2. Make Reservations

You can’t just come to the golf course and start playing. Most likely, it will be busy or unprepared for your visit. That’s why you have to call ahead and reserve the tee time. Once you do, always make sure you come on time or cancel in advance.

Not all courses require a reservation, but it’s always smart to book the tee time.

3. Bring The Right Equipment

Always have your own bag of clubs with you. The rules dictate that you can have a maximum of 14 clubs in your bag. The minimum is not stated but bringing a couple can put you in an uncomfortable position. Sometimes you can borrow a club from a partner, but doing it all the time may be frustrating for both of you. So bring as many clubs as you can.

You don’t have to invest in high-quality clubs and bags right away. You can buy used equipment or borrow it from a friend. Another option is to rent the equipment. The majority of courses have equipment rentals. Just make sure to check in advance.

Don’t forget to bring plenty of tees and golf balls. You don’t want to run out of either of them in the middle of a heated game.

4. Take Lessons

If you’ve never played golf before, you’ll be struggling to find your bearings on the course. A smart way to go is to take at least one lesson before playing. Many courses offer trainers, who will gladly teach you how to grip and swing a club, tell you all about the rules, and introduce putting basics, basic posture, alignment skills, and much more.

Going golfing without the basic knowledge won’t allow you to enjoy the game in full.

5. Don’t Touch The Ball

Whatever happens when the ball lands, don’t touch it. There are some exceptions in the golf rules about the times when you can move the ball. But in the majority of cases, you have to play it as it lies. This is the most important rule of golf. You can pick up the ball only when it’s on the putting green.

6. Don’t Stall

As a beginner, you may want to take things slow on the course. But never forget about other players. The golf course etiquette dictates a certain pace, which doesn’t keep the rest of the groups waiting. Try not to hold anyone up.


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