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Supermodel Hair: Hair Care Secret Tips

Is it possible to have supermodel’s hair? Not exactly. What you see on the magazine covers and TV is an effort of numerous stylists, hair dryers, and hair products. In reality, no matter how excellent your hair is, it can hardly look perfect on a regular basis.

Did you know that supermodels have hair problems? All the hair gels and sprays they have to deal with to appear ideal ruin their locks one photoshoot at a time. So instead of dreaming of hair that doesn’t really exist, you can start taking good care of your tresses to make them look and feel healthy.

1. Ditch The Hair Dryer

Hot air is your hair’s worst enemy. It dries it out and makes it look dull and lifeless. Of course, right after using the hairdryer, your locks may look spectacular. But halfway through the day, they may turn into a rag.

Hair models often complain about their hair losing the shine due to frequent hair dryer use. Since you don’t need to be ready for photoshoots at 5 a.m. in the morning, you may want to consider allowing your hair to dry naturally.

2. Schedule Regular Hairdresser Appointments

Your hair may look grand, but in reality, it probably has a few split ends and needs some hairdresser attention. You should make it a habit to visit a hair professional at least once every two months.

Remember, cutting your hair doesn’t just mean reducing its length. The process gets rid of split ends, lightens up the hair weight, and keeps your locks healthy. Meanwhile, you can always ask your stylist for haircare advice suitable for your hair type.

3. Go Easy On The Towel

When you wash your hair, stop the urge to rub it with a towel. Instead, pat it dry carefully and allow drying on its own. Wet hair is very delicate and highly prone to breakage. Every time you rub it, you break numerous hairs. The same is true for brushing the hair when wet. It’s one of the most terrible things you can do to your locks.

Allow the drying process to be as natural as possible, and your hair is bound to be grateful.

4. Choose Suitable Products

Is your hair dry or greasy? Do you dye it? How often do you wash it? By asking yourself these questions, you can figure out which hair products you really need. By buying shampoo for dry hair to use on greasy hair, you will just boost the work of your sebaceous glands.

Failing to use a special shampoo for dyed hair will make the color wash out quickly and force you back into the hairdresser’s chair. Obviously, the more often you dye your hair, the less healthy and shiny it is.

When choosing hair care products, consider buying shampoos and conditioners with mostly natural ingredients. Chemicals tend to dry your hair out and make it look dull.

5. Don’t Wear Tight Hair Accessories

If your hair is long, you probably try to keep it out of your face. Using tight bands and clips doesn’t just damage your hair, it can lead to headaches. When choosing hair accessories for your long locks, go with thick elastic bands, scarfs, big hair clips, and donuts.

6. Keep It Out Of The Sun

The bright summer sun is worse than a hairdryer. It dries out your locks and makes it harder to keep them healthy. When you put the sun protection lotion on your skin, don’t forget to wear a hat. By the way, if you dye your tresses, bright sunshine can fade the color very quickly.


Keeping your hair healthy is easy. All you have to do is understand that it needs a little help every day.


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