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8 Practical Gift Ideas for Teenagers

Buying a gift for a teenager is a tough challenge. With their wishes changing at the speed of light, it’s hard to make the right decision. So if you don’t have a chance to ask a teenager what he or she wishes for, we have made a list of practical gifts for your use.

We asked fifty teenagers to share their ideas. Below are the most popular wishes they have when it comes to getting something practical.

1. Cool Clothing

Do you know what the teenager likes to wear? If not, your best bet is to get a gift certificate to a clothing store. A gift certificate for a teenager is always better than money since you know where it will be used.

In case you are not a fan of “faceless” gifts, you can consider purchasing a varsity jacket. These jackets are timeless. You can personalize them with embroidery or choose an unusual model. Here are a few websites you may want to check out:

2. Special Backpack

Bags and backpacks are highly practical and there can’t be too many of them for a teenager. We recommend looking at unusual models since the goal of any teenager is to stand out. This gift is sort of tricky since your idea of “Gucci” may not be the same as the teenager’s.

In such a case, you may ask for an opinion of another teenager. The backpack of the 21st century must be equipped with a USB charging port. Other high-tech additions are always welcome.

3. Awesome Alarm Clock

Teenagers love to sleep in. Sometimes the alarm on their smartphone doesn’t do the job of waking them up. You can come up with an excellent practical gift by searching alarm clock options.

The variety of them is overwhelming. Some come with vibrating components. Others allow uploading your favorite music. A teenager is likely to love a new gadget.


4. Bluetooth Speakers

The popularity of Bluetooth speakers can’t be underestimated. That’s why your teenager probably has one. But there can’t be too many, can there? Use your browsing skills. You have two options:

  • Unusual-looking speakers (mini speakers, speakers shaped like a cartoon character, etc.).
  • Expensive high-quality speakers (if your budget allows, of course)

5. Shaving Kits

Even if the teenager has just started to shave, he will love a shaving kit. It will make him feel grown up while being highly practical. Shaving hits aren’t expensive, but we recommend searching for a high-quality one. Make sure that it’s suitable for sensitive skin.


6. Charm Bracelets

Jewelry is a win-win gift when it comes to teenage girls. Charm bracelets are highly popular these days. If you can’t invest in an expensive one, a simple bracelet can do the trick. Just make sure you buy a couple of charms too.

The best part about a charm bracelet is that it’s customizable. Even if you don’t buy the right charms, the teenager always has an opportunity to correct your mistake.


7. Favorite Team Gear

Do you know which team your teenager roots for? Then your choice is easy. Baseball hats, balls, cups, t-shirts…you can get them all. A real sports fan can never have too much gear. So it’s a fail-safe option.


8. Movie Tickets

If you know that your teenager is a movie buff, you bet he or she will love a pair of tickets for the next blockbuster film. In case your nearest movie theater sells gift certificates or monthly passes, you are even better of. Just make sure to avoid buying tickets for a specific movie if you don’t know the teenager’s preferences.


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